Friday, September 9, 2011

Every Law Firm Needs A Blog

Everyone knows that no law firm can survive without a website.  Similarly, it is becoming increasingly known that no legal team can compete these days in online marketing without a law firm blog.

As with all other industries, the commonly used techniques in legal marketing have change dramatically over the past several decades.  Technology is at the root of the change, with the rise of the internet fundamentally altering the way that lawyers are hired by clients.  Everyone knows that to attract clients, a law firm must make their website and online presence a priority. That is where legal blog writing comes in.

The percentage of clients who found their attorney online has steadily grown every year for the past two decades.  Finally, in 2009, data specifically showed that more clients went online to get legal help than anywhere else.  Not only that, but these individuals with a specific legal need discovered their attorney in one way: by going to a search engine and entering search terms related to their need.  For the first time since tracking began, in 2009 TMP Directional Marketing used comScore data to determine that Search Engines were the number one gateway through which lawyers acquired new clients.   As it now stands, over 6 in 10 individuals find their lawyer online.

This is a far cry from the good old days when all clients would be referred by a friend, or, better yet, looked in the yellow pages.  That world is long gone, and law firms that want to survive must keep up.   How often have you looked at the yellow pages?  That is why it is surprising that so many attorneys are still devoting resources to this outdated and dying tool?

While many legal marketing companies make gimmicky promises about seemingly magic tricks that improve a website ranking, the truth is that performing well on search terms is not all that complex.  Here’s what accounts for 90% of the ranking: new written content and specialized keyword links.  That is why it is absolutely essentially for lawyers to ensure that they have a regularly updated law firm blog.  The blog is essentially all about providing those two necessities.  New content touching on whatever legal field the attorney practices with proper usage of keywords to connect that blog and those terms back to the attorney’s main website.  It is not rocket science.

Unfortunately, the majority of lawyers still fail to execute this fundamental aspect of legal marketing effectively.  The few who do reap the rewards of the others ignorance.  Even the firms that have a tailored law firm blog writing system in place often miss out because they do maximize linking potential.  Many attorneys are good at writing content, but they are not sure what it means to properly link.  It is not beneficial to link just any text in the post, and it is not beneficial to have the link land of just any page within your firm’s website.  There must be a very specific, consistent, tailored program in place so that the right keywords are linked to the right pages.  It does not require technical expertise, but it does require basic awareness of search engine optimization principles and a discipline to keep new the blog posting regime running consistently.

If you are an attorney and do not have a law firm blog, get on the bandwagon now. 

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