Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Future of the Law Firm Website Is More Content, AKA: Law Firm Blog Posts

It doesn’t take a crystal ball or Nostradamus-type foresight to understand that the general trajectory of law firm marketing is increasingly emphasizing online efforts.  The law firm website has been gaining importance in firm’s client-development efforts for years.  There is no slowing that progress.  All onlookers agree that at the centerpiece of new online marketing can be boiled down into two words: new content Law firm blog posts are all about new content.

A story last week in the National Law Journal on the future of law firm websites explored this new focus on content building.  Not wanting to understate the significance of a firm’s online efforts, the author claims that a firm’s website visibility will soon become more important even than face-to-face meetings with clients.  Any firm looking at the long-term must be aware of the cultural shift in thinking among all those under 40.  Virtual relationships are much more important to this demographic.  They respond to information they see online.  More specifically, they respond to online voices that offer consistent, visible content.

Legal blog writing is far and away the best—perhaps only—way to produce this content.  In fact, consistent new content is essentially the definition of a blog.  That is why blogs for law firms represent the centerpiece of online legal marketing today.  No longer can websites be considered a static brochure that provides generic information about a firm or an attorney.  It must be dynamic—not in the visual sense, but the content sense.  In other words, it needs to become a publishing platform where new content is created consistently to present the online impression that the firm and attorneys are alive, in-tune with the virtual world, and active members of the online community. 

Besides solidifying the firm as an active member of the community, the blog has added search engine optimization (SEO) benefit.  Tailored keyword usages, proper posting length, and though out placement is the difference between fifth page ranking and first page ranking on the keywords that matter.  Unlike what some claim, it is often that simple.  Unfortunately the perception remains that expensive, complex SEO experts are needed to break into the battle for online prominence.  That is not the case.  A basic understanding of blog writing and the time to produce content is all it takes.  Failing that, hiring law blog writers is much cheaper than hiring mega marketing firms to concoct elaborate old-fashioned marketing schemes that use smoke and mirrors to make it seem like they are proving more value than they actually are.   

Online legal marketing is the name of the game these days.  Law firms blogs are the cream of the crop when it comes to online marketing.  There are benefits of recognizing this reality sooner rather than later. T hose firms that begin producing new content earlier can have more archived material before others catch up.  That will pay huge dividends in the battle for online visibility that will only increase in the years to come.  The clear lesson: create a blog and write content (or hire legal blog writers to do it for you).  Don’t get left behind.

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