Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Law Blogging Is An Investment, Not a One-Time Expense

Old-school legal marketing was like every other form of marketing: it focused on direct exposure.  This mindset usually prioritized on one-time visibility pops.  Billboards, yellow pages, television commercials, newspaper advertisements.  These exposure methods are one-time expenses that have a finite value which may or may not bring in clients.  Firms bought the exposure, hoped it would bring in customers, and measured how many people came in during the time that the advertisement was visible.

If few people came in, these marketing dollars were virtually wasted.  Law firm blogs do not work like that.   

The money and time spent on legal blog writing is best thought of as an investment that pays long-term dividends.  Unlike advertisements, the blog is the firm’s main tool to increase its visibility online among those searching for the very services that it offers.  Gaining that visibility is essentially a continuous process by which the firm creates a linking network that piece by piece makes the firm more competitive in searches.  Each link that is created inside each blog post remains a permanent fixture, meaning that its marketing value does not disappear when the post itself is not longer visible.

In this way, each dollar spent on a law firm blog provides permanent, never-ending value to the firm.  Put another way, a dollar spent on a law firm blog provide much more than a dollar spent on virtually all other forms of online legal marketing.   

In fact, depending on when the dollars are spent, money devoted to blogging now is likely worth more than money devoted a year from now.  Search engine optimization efforts include longevity.  That means that consistent links from valuable sources (your blog) are of more value the longer that the source is around.  Therefore, the firms that start earliest building these linking networks can get the most out of each post than the firms that start later.  Without a doubt more and more attorneys are recognizing the value of these efforts as compared to several years ago. However, overall, those firms committing substantial resources to their blogging efforts remain in the minority—and they are the reaping the rewards of their novel position. 

Overall, most law firms still need to completely re-think how they evaluate their marketing efforts and the value that they give to funds spent on attracting new clients.  We firmly believe that there is no better long-term way to spend resources to attract new clients that with legal blog writing.   Each and every well-tailored SEO blog post may contribute to the firm’s marketing success years down the road.  Not only that, but the type client that the blog post focuses on—the online searcher—has been the fastest growing group of clients for the last decade and a half with no signs of slowing.

Smart legal marketing focuses strongly on internet efforts.  Even smarter marketing targets those strategies that provide long-term internet visibility.  Legal blogs are the best way to provide long-term internet visibility.   

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