Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Hire Legal Blog Writers?

Over the past two weeks we have explained the value of a legal blog for law firms of all sizes.  There is simply no better way to keep content fresh, share legal expertise, and maximize natural search engine client solicitation.  Firms of all sizes and virtually all practice areas should have a law firm blog.

In a fantasy world, the individual attorneys would always have the time and SEO awareness to update the blog in a timely and beneficial manner.  We don’t live in that fantasy world.  There are simply not enough time for the average lawyer to set out an hour every day to find, write, edit, and post content in the way necessary to maximize the blogs marketing utility.  Time is money and it is quite often inefficient for attorneys to devote their limited mental resources to the blogging effort.

Fortunately, legal blog writers are available to help in the effort.  The task is a natural one to outsource, because the services can be purchased at a relatively bargain rate when compared to the time freed-up by use of third-party help.   Blog writing is a skill that simply takes time.  There is no way around the fact that crafting a relevant, insightful, SEO-tailored post will take roughly an hour.  It does not matter how many years of experience one has, their GPA, or graduate degrees.  The process is time-consuming.  The economics of it often do not work for an individual attorney for whom the billable hour is supreme.  It is usually much more cost effective to hire a third party to perform the nuts and bolts work for a fraction of the fee which the attorney him or herself would charge for an hour of work.  The quality of the product need not be sacrificed either, because those trained in both the law and SEO can be hired to provide the service.

Despite what some critics may mention, hiring law blog ghostwriters does not at all violate the spirit of the online content writing space.  The attorneys are always free to retain a role in the blog writing when time allows.  They are free to direct outsourced writers to create posts on certain content, ask the writers to mention certain points, or tell them to display a certain viewpoint.  The editorial discretion of the attorney in their own space will always remain.  In addition, legal ghostwriters are often used merely as a compliment to an attorney’s own writing.  When a lawyer gets the urge to explain some issue or comment on a case, they will always be able to do so.  The writers simply ensure that content is fresh and added on a consistent basis no matter how busy the attorney gets.

We began LawBlogWriters because we genuinely believe in the value of legalblogs and the utility of having third party assistance with their maintenance.  The short-term and long-term value that a firm can get from a successful legal blog dwarfs that of even the most expensive marketing efforts.  All law firms stretch their marketing dollars as far as they can go.  Nothing better maximizes that value than the aid of quality legal bloggers. 

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