Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Month Is Not Enough—Legal Content Writing For the Long Haul

One of the biggest mistakes shared by some newbies to legal blog writing has to do with throwing in the towel too early.  Some believe that they can start a blog, add some content, and then expect to see immediate results in a short time.  Besides the fact that many are unsure of the proper way to measure the effectiveness of their blog writing, many fail to take the long-view of the project.  It is simply inaccurate to believe that a blog will be created and then new clients will be flocking in within a month because of the legal content writing.  It takes much longer than that.  Blogging for law firms has to be a long-term commitment.  Here’s why…

For SEO purposes, blogging is helpful because it uses a linking strategy.  A blog links appropriate keywords to the firm’s main website.  Virtually all search engines build their ranking system around links.  How many links are going into and out of a website and the “quality” of those links constitute the centerpiece of search engine rankings 

Of course, search engine crawlers cannot be fooled by stuffing countless links in seemingly value-less posts solely for the purposes of added links to a website.  Instead, links have to be used sparingly in quality content pieces that provide actual value to the viewer.  Even when going at full tilt with the most blog posts possible there are only about 90-120 total links that can be obtained with a month.  Those links would need to be spread out among various keyword types and/or practice areas.  That is simply insufficient to see any sizeable impact.  More links are needed. 

Crawlers speed
In addition, posts do not have an impact the moment that they are put online.  Search engine crawlers must find them first.   This process may take days, or perhaps a week, and only sometimes longer than that.  This is an impediment to immediate search engine benefit.  Many first-time bloggers do not account for this and give up on the effort far too soon.

The time required to seen an impact from the blogging also depends heavily on the amount of competition in any given area.  For example, trying to break through on medical malpractice keywords in a big market will certainly not happen in a single month of blogging.  However, it might happen a bit quicker if the market is smaller and the legal practice area is more tailored. 

Audience Development    
As with any new publishing effort, word of mouth is not created overnight.  The best law firm blogs are checked frequently by loyal viewers and shared across social media platforms.  However, the longer that a blog has been in existence the more time it has for readers to stumble upon it and share it.  A blog that has been around for a month simply has not had enough exposure to build this audience.  More time is needed.   

The gist: do not give up on your blogging too early.  It takes time before an impact will be seen.   What that “impact” should be is a whole other question that often confounds firms.  We will delve into that topic later this week.

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