Thursday, December 22, 2011

SEO Marketing Gimmicks Are Irrelevant For Small Law Firms

When it comes to online marketing, small to mid-size firms usually have the most to gain by prioritizing legal content writing.  For maximizing one's online presence and attracting the attention of those who need your legal services in your area, there is nothing better than consistent, quality, content being added to your blog and website.  It is important to reiterate that legal content writing is NOT a gimmick.

Many law firm marketing businesses attempt to complicate the SEO process.  Solo, small and mid-size firms get sold on expansive (and expensive) online marketing packages where terrific promises are made about drawing in online clients.  Don't buy into it.  

That is exactly the point that was made by Suzanne Meehle in an insightful post at Solo Practice University.  Attorney Meehle shared some lessons from her first year of solo practice, and noted:
I got suckered into signing up for law firm marketing contracts. You know the ones: big research companies also offer marketing packages to improve your search engine optimization (“SEO”) and promise you’ll get more leads through their online directory than any other way.   
She went on to explain that the basics of SEO for most small and mid-size firms are not complicated.  We agree.  She wrote:
Figure out the keywords that people will actually put into search engines to find a lawyer like you, then stick them into the “keywords” box in your web site back-end. Use multiple pages – one for every practice area. Update your site regularly with fresh, relevant content. Lather, rinse, repeat. Because what works to drive traffic to your site is going to change day to day. [emphasis added]

As our law blog writers repeat ad nauseum, 95% of what works with online marketing can be explained in one word: Content.  New, quality, consistently updated material connected to the firm website and blog is far and away what matters most to attract attention online.  Do not get fooled by expensive marketers who try to sell you on the other 5% that matters far less.

We are proud to be lawyers first, and marketers second.  By this we mean that we keep the common sense value to a law firm in mind in all of the work that we do.  Our law blog writers do not sell a random array of secret-sounding plans to magically get clients to your phones.  We focus exclusively on what we know works: producing valuable, tailored content on a consistent basis.

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