Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stagnant Blog -- Worse Than No Blog At All

Here's a little legal blog writing secret that you often don't hear:

It is better to have no blog at all, then a blog that is never updated.


Because a stagnant blog not only does nothing for a firm's marketing but it actually hampers the firm's online perception.

Our legal content writers have often written on this space about the various benefits that persistent blog writing offers:

1) An important part of an effective SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings via linking.
2) A separate stand-alone site that build credibility by essentially having a second online presence for searchers to find (particularly when the blog is a not at the same URL as the firm's main website).
3) Helps induce actual contact from those landing one the page by presenting the firm in a positive light.
4) Allows firms (particularly solo and small firms) to carve out a niche in their corner of the world, drawing the direct attention of local community members.

An empty blog does nothing to advance these goals.  In fact, it actually has the opposite effect.  Obviously the search engine optimization benefits of a blog only come with consistent, well-tailored content creation.  Keywords cannot do their work if they do not exist. Similarly, a stand-alone blog site will be invisible if content is not added to the site on a consistent basis.  Instead, the blog itself will never be found by searches directly and it will do nothing to help the ranking of the firm's main website.

But it gets worse.

Many firm's create blogs, link them to their main website, and then never update them.  This is a huge mistake.


Because it suggests to web browsers that the firm may not be active.  If a searcher ends up on the blog and finds that nothing has been added in a few months (or years!) then the searcher often wonders whether the firm is even still in business.  With so many other alternatives, there is no reason for a potential client in need of legal services to waste time on a firm that seems stagnant online.  This is especially true where there are ten competitors in the same area who have blogs with content, commentary, and news added on a daily basis.

We completely understand the time constraints faced by attorneys.  For many lawyers it is simply impossible to add good posts on a consistent basis.  Helping with that problem is what each legal content writer at our firm specializes in.

However, if at the end of the day you decide not to pursue outside help AND do not have the time to write yourself, it is often best to simply ax the blog effort altogether.  At the very least, do not publicize the stagnant blog on your main website.

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