Monday, February 6, 2012

Refresher: "Blog" is Just Shorthand for "Content"

We have been called many different things: legal content writers, legal bloggers, law firm ghostwriters, and a hundred similar combinations.  Our team here at LBW has thought long and hard about the best way to market ourselves.  We admit that we likely haven't found the perfect label just yet.

Of course the business name, Law Blog Writers, pigeon-holes our work right off the bat.  The truth is that when used in our name--and when used colloquially among legal marketing professionals--"blog" is essentially just another way of saying "content."  Many solo and small firm attorneys first wrapping their head around all of this are likely not 100% sure what this means, so a basic refresher is needed.

There are many different ways to improve one's performance in search engine rankings.  Some of them are behind-the-scenes stuff related to how a website is coded.  While this coding stuff matters, it is not as important as some SEO experts claim.  Never, ever, ever buy into claims by those promising some search ranking magic by using some super-secret method.  It's either a scam or trickery that with cost you money, actually make your search performance worse, or both.

However, that does not mean that there is no way to improve search engine performance.  That is because the most important way that you can boost your search performance long-term is by creating is simple: Create new, keyword-rich, useful, content.  The SEO adage refers to this truth with the quioe: "Content is King."  When any marketing team talks about blogs and their benefit, they are talking about content.  

Blog = content

Content = blog

Alright, this might be simplifying it a bit, but the basic idea is sound.  The whole point of having a blog is to produce original content.  A blog is essentially just a way to curate your own content.  It is about writing about some topic, news event, opinion, political debate, or the like and making it available to the online world.  The act of creating the content and making it available to the world is looked on highly favorably by search engines.  In fact, it is THE most important thing that can be done to attract more attention in the internet world--which is what SEO is all about.

Therefore, if you hear SEO types talking about content and then talking about blogs, it is easiest to remember that they are essentially synonymous.  The underlying principle that both terms portray is that of creating something in your name that is not found anywhere else.  That is why linking to other news stories or resources is NOT content creation.  Instead, to have benefit, there needs to be actual words written in an original way not found anywhere else online.

Here are LBW most of our work does consist of helping law firms create original content for their blog.  However, we also create "content" for other online mediums--websites, brochures, newsletters, books, etc.  At the end of the day, all of the material is based on the idea of creating content.  Whether the content is put on a blog or a main firm website, the logic is the same.  

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