Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Myth of Overnight Success

Mega-sensations in every field often have stories painted of immediate success.  Their genius or natural talent was supposedly evident right from the beginning.  Tales abound of young firms and attorneys that nab some big case or take a high-profile stand that launches them into the stratosphere and indefinitely secures their position in their own corner of the legal world.

Virtually all of these stories are misleading.

Overnight success generally isn't an apt description even in the few cases where it seems to apply.  That is certainly the case in the legal world.  Even though  99 out of 100 solo and small firm attorneys will agree that overnight success is a myth many still allow the perception to creep into their own judgment about their practice.  Our legal content writers work with many small and medium firms who worry about the trajectory of their practice and base their fears on false assumptions on how it worked for the most successful that they are hoping to emulate.  A interesting post as Fast Company highlights the situation...
When looking at the most successful people and organizations, we often imagine geniuses with a smooth journey straight to the promised land. But when you really examine nearly every success story, they are filled with crushing defeats, near-death experiences, and countless setbacks.
The same oversight success principles apply to firms generally as they do to their law firm blogs specifically.  In fact, overnight success should likely be banished from any conversation  about how a blog or any online project will help the firm.  Benefits from these tools simply do not happen overnight because their benefit is based on accumulated value over time.  That is not to say that some firms don't see immediate benefit from starting a blog, adding new law blog posts consistently, or otherwise amping up one's online effort.  Law blogging has be to done with a view for the long-game.    

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