Monday, October 29, 2012

Law Firm Blog Writing: Defense or Offense

Most of us at Law Blog Writers, LLC are based in the Washington, D.C. area.  At the moment we are hunkered down like most in the area as Hurricane Sandy storms through.  In the past few days we have been making preparations for possible extended power outages and other ramifications of the supposedly one of a kind weather event.

Not to be too cheesy, but as we were planning for the storm it became clear that there was an analogy to be made with the storm preparations and the value of law firm blogging.  Actually, there were two analogies to be made.  On one hand, the blog writing IS like preparing for the storm.  On the other hand, law firm blog writing IS NOT like preparing for the storm. That is because the content creation is both an offensive SEO strategy and, at times, defensive.

The defensive component of the blogging effort relates to maintaining one's current position of SEO strength.  Depending on your firm's current position, you may already be performing well on SEO measures.  You may have several first page rankings and get steady calls from potential clients who find you online.  However, some firms may be headed for a tailspin on that front without taking steps to preserve their solid positioning online.  That is particularly true now because more and more firms are switching marketing time and resources over to online efforts.  In other words, online competition is steadily increasing in all geographic locations and practice areas.  Not coincidentally, this is occurring at the same time that a larger percentage of potential clients are turning online to find legal help.  Law firm blog writing is increasingly becoming a mandatory tool to keep pace with others.

On the other hand, if you have competitors who are performing better on the most important searches, then there is really only one main way to play offense: add more relevant, properly tailored, content.  That is where blog writing comes in.  If you are not satisfied with the total number of calls you are receiving from online efforts, then your focus must shift to legal blog writing.  It's the main sword in the SEO shield.

The bottom line is that legal content writing, particularly on websites and blogs, is both the pinnacle offensive and defensive weapon for search engine optimization efforts.  Whether you want to ensure your competitors don't overtake you in the future or to mount an aggressive approach to draw in more clients, it is vital to switch resources over to steady, experienced legal blog writing.

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