Monday, April 8, 2013

Be Careful Of Cheap Legal Content Writers

Outsourcing.  It's been a buzzword for decades, usually in reference to jobs that are being shipped out of the U.S. for cheaper labor.  Most of the focus has been on factory work leaving, as more and more manufacturing is done outside the country.  Now, of course, there is also outsourcing of traditional "white collar" jobs, from reading x-rays to even some legal work.  While any issue that might draw away business should be investigated, it is important not to exaggerate the risk of outsourced lawyers.  After all,  beyond the unauthorized practice of law issue, there is the simple fact that legal work still requires specialized skill.

Long story short, outsourcing lawyers is not something that should causes trembles for the firm owner just yet.

But that is not to say that everything related to the business of the law may not be ripe for outsourcing.

Take legal content writing.

Marketing budgets are often tight, and when firms are deciding how to spent their money to attract clients, cost considerations are obviously high on the list.  When it comes to having assistance with law firm content writing and blogging, there are natural temptations to go with the lowest bidder.  Usually that means using writers from out of the country.  But it is absolutely critical to understand that quality matters in online content writing, particularly when it comes to writing in the name of respected professionals, like attorneys.

Using poor quality content hurts in two ways. First, it simply is not that valuable for SEO.  Websites like "," for example, produce mini 150-200 word posts for any number of websites (including law firm blogs).  The price for these services is usually quite cheap, from $6-15 dollars per post.  But the fact is, those short snippets are of virtually no use to the reader and serve next to no SEO function.  Many attorneys have been duped into buying these packages to receive canned content that is far too short and not tailored to their specific needs.  It is simply wasted marketing money.

Second, poor content harms conversion rates.  SEO is about getting eyeballs to your website, but it does nothing to get the people who reach it to actually call and retain your services.  The best legal blog posts not only act as crucial SEO tools, but they provide useful information for a reader and help to convert them into clients.  Poor content does not do that, and actually may have the opposite effect. We have seen sample posts from competitors who use non-attorney writers from outside the country, and the difference is staggering.  Attorneys must never forget about their own online reputation, and putting obviously poor quality content on a site with a law firm stamp on it is poor business.

Quality + Price
Obviously our approach at Law Blog Writers is the exact opposite of cheap content mills.  While we understand that firms can purchase blog posts written by writers in India for cheaper than our team, we believe that quality cannot be sacrificed.  When you consider that a post written by a non-lawyer from a cheap labor pool only costs marginally less than an attorney in the United States, the need not to go with the bottom of the barrel is clear.  Your online image is vitally important, and buying valueless-content can do more harm than good.


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