Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Data - Law Firm Blogs Bring in Money

Have you taken a look at this month's ABA Journal magazine?

If so you may have caught a small blurb in the popular "Hearsay" section that summarized some components of an annual blog usage report from Lex Blog Inc. The findings are clear: legal blog writing is up and it works.   Specifically, 80% of the top 200 law firms in the country are engaged online with a legal blog.

This is a marked increase from recent years.  And it is little wonder why more are turning to these services.  According to the same report, the average Am Law 200 firm with a blog increased annual revenue by $1 million when compared to counterparts without a blog.

This is a truly startling statistic.

Think about it.  For the mega-firm that blog is essentially a throw-away marketing piece--just one more way to be seen online.  These large firms are usually only reaching out to a select group of potential clients and usually have much more calls coming in than necessary.  Yet, even for this group, legal blogging was shown to impact the bottom line.

For medium-sized firms or solo practitioners, the potential upside is even larger.  There is simply no way to have a serious online marketing plan without incorporating a legal blog filled with original content.

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