Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our Legal Content Writing Prices are Ridiculously Lower than Anyone Else. Heres's 3 Reasons Why...

I am not sure if this is a compliment or an insult. But we get asked it all the time..."I don't understand your price structure at all." This is always offered by way of explaining that other providers offer writing services at 200% to 500% higher rates. How can we offer a blog post at $45 when other leading legal marketing companies charge $200?

I'm sure we lose business because folks think our writers are outsourced from foreign companies or that we have random college grads cranking out ambiguous content. Neither is true. And we consistently reiterate one simple fact: we are better than anyone else at this.

In the spirit of being forthcoming we figured we'd share a bit more about why our prices are far lower than others. It's a simple matter of old schoool business fundamentals...

1) We specialize - Our secret is so obvious that it shouldn't be a secret...this is all we do. Not only do we focus on content writing, but we focus specifically on legal content writing by actual lawyers. Virtually every other operation you come across will be segmented in one of two ways: Either they will offer you some "full legal marketing package" or they will offer "any writing you need" regardless of whether lawyers are actually writing it. Either way it is scatter-shot and less efficient.

2) We offer one service - You can find 1,000 firms offering you a complete online marketing package, with SEO, directory service, the MOON, and more. We do not do that. We are lawyers first, online writers second. Yes, we believe in the importance of online marketing for attorneys. But we are not going to sell you anything. Ever. We will write content that works for a set price without rambling about the latest trend that will magically change your business world.

3) We are good at this - Here's a secret only for those who stumble upon these blog posts -- people fail at this business every year. Content creation is hard. There is no machine that you can place orders in to crank out perfect results every time. This is the #1 reason why the largest legal marketing firms do not mess with content--it's very difficult. Anyone can write one intersting, useful blog post. But what about 100 posts a week? It takes real efficiency and expertise to do that. We won't reveal all our secrets, but that is our entire focus.  Which is how we thrive.

Here's  a secret: Those three fundamentals are synonyms for the same thing. The bottom line is we focus exclusively on doing this one very specific thing as well and as efficiently as possible. That's it. We don't try to sell you anything else. We do not spend resources training anyone to to anything else. This is all we do. Period.

If you need legal content for your own firm or that of a client, please contact us today. I guarantee you cannot find better work for a better price.

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