Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Exhaustion is Overrated - Outsource Time-Consuming Legal Writing Tasks

Do you try to do it all yourself? Do you assume that feeling constantly rushed is simply part of being a professional in the modern world? Do you live as is life is an emergency?

If you are a lawyer (or a marketing professional working with lawyers), then chances are that all of the above apply.

But it doesn't have to.

In the legal profession, status symbols matter. A 10.0 Avvo rating. A member of Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Published cases. News media interviews. On and on and on. It is easy to assume that being "successful" in the law requires 24 hours a day of commitment. Work your life away out of law school, become partner, make money, get on the news...succeed.

But here's the reality: Exhaustion is not a status symbol.

A fascinating new book, Ted talk, and interview on this subject is particularly apt for lawyers (and the professionals who work with them). Professor Brene Brown discusses how the modern world's assumption of "doing more with less" is simply not on a human scale. Cramming more tasks into each day does not actually yield better results than doing reasonable work in that same time frame. We cannot "work" our way past every problem. Feeling constantly exhausted because of 15 hours straight on a To Do List does not automatically correlate to "success." Instead it often correlates to stress, unhappiness, broken marriages, addictions, heart attacks, and ignoring non-work passions.

Contrary to assumptions, this around-the-clock work is usually not based on fear or demands from superiors. It is habit. As Professor Brown explains
Less than half the people I’ve interviewed would say they work around the clock out of fear, and more than half would say they do it out of habit. We use work to numb out. We can’t turn off our machines because we’re afraid we’re going to miss something.

As legal content writers, we are proud to partner with law firms and marketing agencies seeking a better balance in their work. Doing everything yourself is rarely the best option for business success or personal sanity. If you are unable to actual enjoy your work because of constant time pressure, then Stop..and do something about it. Make a change. See how you can hand off tasks or cut back on commitments. Your To Do List is not a measure of your value or success.

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